For You

You step on to the train, seconds to spare and slightly out of breath. You give a small smirk for your mini victory and set off to conquer your next battle as the train lurches into motion.

You flop down into the only booth with an empty bench and scooch over to the window seat. You sigh as you adjust your headphones, preparing for the long journey ahead.

Across from you is a girl. At first glance, nothing special. You don’t want to admit it but no one will ever be as special as SHE was to you. Despite everything SHE put you through, it boils your blood that your thoughts always goes back to HER. The lies, the pretences, false promises and sour revelations. SHE left you and yet…

To prove to yourself that you can get over HER you make the effort to give the girl across from you another look over. Walnut brown skin, natural hair pulled into a smart afropuff, wide lips and smile lines…a girl who smiles and laughs… She watches the outside fly, by her strong hands rest on the table. You can almost feel her vitality. Her chest rises and falls to the steady beat of a heart she knows to follow.

And then your eyes lock. For a moment you’re surprised by casual intensity of her gaze. Her attention holds you prisoner, your only crime? Pure intrigue about those intelligent chocolate eyes framed by thick black lashes lined with sharp black liner. In a moment you imagine them laugh, cry and spill a thousand secrets then close as you…

But in an instant it’s gone. You remember you’re strangers on a train; it’s 2017 and no one strikes random conversations anymore unless you want to seem like a creep. And besides you’re over girls and officially a player. If they’re all shallow, Insta-obsessed fakes, no one would blame you for treating them like it.

So like a fugitive, you cover up your tracks with a stone face and crossed arms; you flee from a truth so blinding it scares you to admit it.

This girl is beautiful.

Not just surface shine though, there’s something much deeper.

And maybe, just maybe, if you took a chance…Let yourself be vulnerable one more time…she might see you for more than your job,your major and your plans. Perhaps she will not only see but understand your dreams. Perhaps she will take the time to read through each page of your life story; diligently making notes, laughing and crying with you. Always and honestly rooting for you.

As she bites her lip, her eyes glossy with unshed tears, you sigh. Your fortress built of loneliness, pain and regret is the only thing (other than the train table) holding you back from something wonderful. To break it down will be a military operation. A job for a King but no sweat with your Queen by your side.

Maybe it’s time to let courage override the regret and fear. Maybe it’s time for you to fight for a woman who will feircly fight for you.

For You (a response peice)


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