My Top 11 Tips for Productivity ( Especially in University)

1. Preperation begins way before Uni (get into the habit of making yourself do things and not relying on teachers/parents/ basic seld discipline, etc.)

2. Consistent planning and preperation is key. It always goes a long way. Meal Plans (even if rough, have a list of recipes you know how to cook/like eating) A go to shopping list, a meeting notes template- anything that can make your life easier and more efficient down the line is worth investing a little time, money or thought into.

3. Know yourself and develop around your preferences. If you know you like to party all weekend stagger your week to do the bulk of studying/assignments Tues/Wed/Thurs so by the weekend you can accomadate your tastes. If you’re a morning person try and wake up consistently in the morning and get your hardest tasks done early. If you’re prone to taking long naps, take yourself out of an environment that encourages napping(I.e. leave your dorm bedroom and go to the library)

4. Sort your habits. We are creatures of habit. The first 60 days of a semester/year are probs the most important as you need to establish a solid habit and stick to it.

5. You have quite a bit of free time. Fill it. It doesn’t have to be just studying but try to be productive with something. It’s always good when it relates to a goal (e.g. go to the gym, read that book, clean your room,etc.) But even if it isn’t (e.g. just finally meeting yo with frienda or going shopping) at least have something to show for your time.

6. You basically want to avoid loads of moments when you go to your dorm and think damn Idk what to do with myself and get sucked into gaming/watching/internet binge.

7. Aim for progress not perfection and Track it. Have proof to show to yourself that you are getting better at whatever you’re aiming to do. It can also be motivating and gives you incentive to improve.

8. Things not working? Diagnose the problem asap and actually do something about it. Do you always sleep in and miss your morning gym session? Maybe plan to go in the evening after work when you know you are awake and have no excuses. Or sort out your sleeeping patterns. Do you always end up eating out because you end up too tired to cook. Why are you tired, figure out a time when you’re not and try to meal prep in advance so you save money and eat healthier. The point is to find out where you are going wrong, why and then plan to work your weaknesses.

9. Power Naps CAN help if you can control yourself. Limit them to no longer than 45min.

10. Having a dedicated place to do things often. Limiting distractions and getting you into the mindset.

11. Do not compare yourself. You will either get stressed that other people are working harder than you and getting better grades or feel overconfident as you’re doing better than everyone else and become complacent. You may think that the stress helps you produce quality work. It doesn’t. In promise you. Work on tour weaknesses without it eroding your self worth.


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