Speak Not ~ Spoken Word Poem

Speak not to me of love,
But of friendship so
“love” seems overrated

Speak not to me of love,
But of laughter so wide and deep and Bursting
It hurts to be that happy

Speak not to me of love,
But of tangible uncertainty
Plabable ambiguity

Because when push comes to shove and you’re sure that your in love
Something always comes along to show you that you are not.

It wasnt “Meant to be”
He was not your “soul-mate”
It wasn’t “destiny”

Speak not to me of love,
But of quiet hope.

A seed of possibility resurrected from a graveyard
Speak not to me of love,
Speak not

Just breathe
And one day
When we are older and wiser
Our hearts much calmer
We will find each other
And speak of those things
Called love.


Yin to my Yang~ A Poem

We pushed and we pulled,
Taught and learned,
Scratch, kissed and held

Belonging to another
At least for now
We are smooth and defiant
Like the quirk on your brow

Shy smiles on soft skin
Bullets of day break infiltrated our solace, Stole our serenity

I closed my eyes.
I didn’t want you to go.
So I said,
“You need to go”

Yin to my Yang
We will push and we will pull.