Hurting in the Age of Social Media

Emotional pain caused by people on a social level has probably been a constant factor to deal since society’s beginings. Friction in social groups is inevitable and usually results in some type of conflict and resolution. (anecdotal and observational evidence from my life and Animal Planet).

It’s at that stage of resolution that emotions run high. More than the end of a problem, it signals the beginning of something more; the beginning of closure. The beginning of healing.

(Lovely read:

This is where Social Media fucks it up.

We don’t get closure in ways that we should when we’re too subscribed to SM. In many ways we are all like celebrities, our lives on constant blast to an audience and when messy plot points arise you have to either try and erase evidence of the conflict (i.e. delete all the pictures with your friend/ex and unfollow them and their friends) or live in vague reminder that it happened (having mutual friends on SM so you see glimpses of their new lives, through the rose-gold tinted glasses.)

And it can be painful to be constantly reminded of things you need to time to process or would rather forget.
Which is what has happened to me recently. The evidence is all there and because of the highlighted nature of SM we’re not meant to openly talk about shit that goes down. So were kind of distanced from some of the people we need whilstt supposedly having the most access to them. It’s a damaging dichotomy.

Then to be bombarded with the idealized versions of everyone’s lives and perfection of advertise adds to any hurt/self loathing/general negativity.

My point:

Today, in any type if break up you’ve got to let yourself have time off the SM and just breathe. Sometimes you are tempted to release those screenshots and defend your honour.
Have people take your side and expose the vilian… or maybe that’s just me….

Recovery comes in many forms for everyone. Let yourself regrow outside of the artificial light.




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