An Eulogy

We are here today due to the untimely death of our goldfish Gigi Marco who passed peacefully during the early hours of Thursday 1st of June.

After living with us for just over a month he brought us great joy and love since his adoption.

The first and best fish we ever had, Gigi was named after the pet talking cat in ghibli’s The Cat Returns and Marco after the dude in Season 1 of Attack in Titans . Just like him he was a real soldier and his cause of death unknown.

A true member of the Mphoka Family he will be dearly missed for his shimmering orange and silver scales, the way he immediately swam up for food and the way he played with bubbles.

In this time of greif we must not forget the lessons he taught us about care, sensitivity and love.

He etched a goldlfish shaped spot in our hearts and he will be very deeply missed.

In the words of the famous fish, Dory I implore us all to “Keep Swimming”.



My first goldfish died. When we bought him at the fair, the day after I came home for my last holiday before finals in First Year it was very symbolic to me. It was about the bond my youngest sister and I had, doing something we weren’t technically allowed to do but doing it together out of cheekiness. About co-parenting in a way; learning how to care for something else and all

His life as his death was such a learning curve. He taught us so much by just being a fish. Genuine anxiety, joy and Care were daily requirements.

I kept it light because on one hand comedy alleviated any sorrow and on the other he was just a fish.

Death is so inevitable. When it is time it is time. I felt that where we can, let our attachment be attachment and our grief not be all poisoning. And let love and understanding create wisdom in us. It’s different with people we love I know but my main point being it’s equally about what happens after to the survivors as was the life of the deceased.

If gym?





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