I feel like I’m the only one from this generation  who finds it difficult to live in this world of over documentation. Constantly telling everyone in your life where you are, what you’re eating, how you’re feeling, who you’re with and generally trying to document all the little moments is not only draining and time consuming but especially dangerous to the human ability (arguable need) to just sit and be. To look at rain and let our thoughts drift.

It almost feels like you’re not supposed to not tell people what you’re doing. Which is so false. Because in reality we know no one cares about every detail yet we still post in hopes of what- validation? Envy?

Many of us subscribe to the “I post therefore I am” mindset. It can be addicting because we genuinely want to be better and show people how were doing but do so even when we’re not okay.

We also want constant entertainment. Our threshold for humour, political news and even motivation is so high- we need it to be short,straight to the point, presented in an exciting way.

It’s contrary to building discipline. resilience and long term motivation. Things we need to strive in the real world.

Social Media so voyeuristic at the very least. But to leave social media on all of its entirety is also anxiety ridden. Why? Fear of missing out? As being viewed as backward and caveman-ish? I think what we fear the most is when we turn off our screens and delete all our accounts, what’s left will be so disappointing and pitiful and we’ll finally have to face ourselves. See ourselves for what we truly are.

That fear has driven humanity to the extremes of war and now an endless digital distraction to cloud over the mirror for good.


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