I Praise

You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing… that I might sing praises and not be silent.

-Psalm 30:11-12


They praise the flat stomach, perky boobs and flawless make up.

I praise authenticity, true laughter, no make and no filter.


They praise the aesthetically pleasing, the art of moderation and delicacy.

I praise the messy and bold- the unapologetic.


They praise degrees, houses and vacations.

I praise travelling, home and education.


They praise the extraordinary celebrity success.

I praise the ordinary miracles.


And whilst they praise gods that thrive on hypocrisy and segregation,

I praise a God of life, love and liberation.






Don’t talk to me about Dramatic.

Whilst most pride themselves in this art as it may suggest to some their lives are interesting, I argue the fact that I am not dramatic gives way to the craziest experiences in life.

I haven’t lived a long time but my experiences growing up, living and being educated with Dramatic (as well as dating it) have taught me  A LOT  about appreciating the simple life. You can be crazy and have an amazing life without being dramatic. Infact- avoid it. Like business it gives you the false impression you’re getting somewhere with your life.

Let me give you practical depiction of this word’s usage in my everyday life:

“Oh my God! If I don’t get into Oxford or Cambridge my life will be ruined and I will starve destitute on the streets of Liverpool”. DRAMATIC.

The obsession over celebrities espcilally on Social Media.  DRAMATIC.

Instagram level strobing, contouring and highlighting to the Drag Queen Heavens. DRAMATIC.

Like rollercoasters, dramatic people can bring exhilarating highs but terrifying lows. Also like rollercoasters, dramatic people are not always fun and can (in the worst case scenarios) ruin your life.