Happy Digital Sabbath

Over the Christmas Holidays last year, 2  disastrous things happened to me:

  1. I broke my laptop
  2. I broke my phone
Not intentionally obviously  but the worst part was that I was too broke to fix anyone of them until after Christmas. At first I freaked out-How in the world was I going to keep up to date? How was I going to stay in connect with any of my friends-note this was after I’d quite Facebook and without any other social media (unless you count YouTube and Pinterest)
I wondered whether my already small circle was going to think I was dead-or worse; forget about me. Sharp whips of panic infected me when I wondered what I would do to fill the hours of my holiday at home. And meeting up with friends wasn’t an option due to cultural and practical reasons.
So what was it like?
Disorientating at first- I felt left out when everyone in my family was on their gadget. Waking up and going to sleep each night without having to check anything was weird.  But it became refreshing- Suddenly,  as I didn’t need to keep up with anything, time began to still. I began to do everything at my on pace which brought so much peace and temperance

I eventually found ways to talk to my friends and when time came to go back to college and get a new phone I welcomed it because for our generation life and  technology are inextricably linked. But that doesn’t mean we should let it control our lives, subtract from experiencing or blind us from what

The best way to me is thus to take some time off-have a digital Sabbath every now and then to re-evaluate and rejuvenate.

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