Why I don’t wear Makeup

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been directed here by me for a better explanation as to why I don’t wear make up or you’re just generally interested. Anywho, I’ll make it short!

What’s my background? Growing up, my sisters and I  were not allowed to wear makeup- we were too young and religiously/culturally they wanted us to remain “pure” (it’s against our religion to wear makeup and jewellery) and I always adhered to it. It wasn’t hard not to conform when I was 14 and everyone began to try. It was not until my younger sister started doing here eyebrows and eyeliner to school when the issue of makeup reared its head into our family. At first they were very firm about it; we were going for our education they argued plus it wasted money. Eventually, with her fighting spirit she wore them down and suddenly I was allowed to wear makeup…but didn’t want to. Now I have tried doing it daily, I wear it to prom (only lol) and I love watch tutorials. So I do have experience and am not coming from  a biased ‘never tried never will’ perspective.

So here are a few of the reasons why I don’t wear makeup:

  1. I feel more self conscience with make up on. Whilst it gives many confidence, it does the opposite with me because I feel like it draws attention to me. Even when I do it alright, I wonder if other people think it’s aright. Because it is possible to look like a mess with and without makeup, I choose the latter so that I have an excuse.
  2. I touch my face a lot and do a lot of weird expressions. This characteristic does not mix well with a painted face.
  3. I am lazy. Mornings are for starting my day as productive and happily as I can. I have little time or patience to make sure my face only (which occupies like 1/25 of your body’s surface area) is on fleek.
  4. I am practical person. I neither have time nor inclination to look pretty whilst cooking, cleaning , studying or doing my homework. Plus, I have many other things to spend my money on rather than makeup.
  5. It doesn’t feel like me. For me personally, it ties in with the Authenticity thing. I feel more authentic when I don’t wear any. I want average guys to bypass me and for the real men worth my time to notice and like my personality first. Like most people, I want to be loved for my beautiful inside and plain outside before my beautiful outside and plain inside is revealed.

SO this isn’t a decisive, conclusive post-it’s just how I feel about myself at the moment. It is a personal decision. I do not judge others who choose to wear makeup (men and women); I even admire those who can. But for me I’d rather not. It shouldn’t make me any more or less of a woman and I shouldn’t be chastised by society for not conforming to this ideal.


Thandi x

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