My 2016 Goals


The lines between pessimism and optimism are drawn at New Years. On one side are the optimists who make their long list of goals with starry-eyed hope and determination to make this year the one. On the other side are the pessimists, those who know the whole ‘new year, new me, she-bang is a waste of time and so cynically watch the optimists fork out large amounts of money for that shiny new gym membership. So where do I stand?

As you can kind of tell from the title, I lie in the middle of this.

I am firm believer in using goals to pull you through change and ignite personal growth. As human beings, it is important to have things that draw us to step outside our comfort zone, challenge and excite us. The problem is that in our deadline-obsessed society, the last thing we want to do when we come home is do something else that feels like work for a goal we don’t really need to achieve. So we spend year after crummy year living relatively the same life with little growth, our creativity and inspiration slowly withering and our personal growth grinds to halt. W h a t   a  l I f e.

I think it boils down 2 main things:

  • How much do you want this thing? Is it something that you’re really willing to do something for or is it just a wish? ( I want abs but I don’t think I willing to give up my semi-balanced diet for them just yet- happy with my muffin top lol)
  • Why do you really want it? What do you aim to learn/teach yourself? When we ground goals with underlying personal growth, I’ve been more inclined to do it.

What’s my goal system you ask?After assessing and shortlisting goals according to the criteria above,  I make a list of goals I want to achieve in the short term- maximum 6 Months (could be summer goals or school goals etc.) and make a plan in my diary of what to do to achieve them. I keep them relatively simply yet challenging enough  and track my progress via journaling and a big calendar on the back of my door. I review often but at the same time I am lenient with myself when I miss a mini goal.

All in all, if  a goal that is worth pursuing in your life then you won’t even wait till New Years to do it. Make your goals a little silly, a little exciting and just try it out.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

My 2016 Goals (At least till June’s Review):

  • Write 4 Blog posts per month
  • Post a You Tube Video weekly
  • Finish one of my short story and submit it in a
  • Host a Carboot Sale
  • Journal
  • Laugh More
  • Run A Marathon

If you follow me on YouTube (and on here) I haven’t been hot on that posting but I’m hoping to change that! I still have yet to finish that story but at least I’m journallying (for the most part). I have time and determination and combined a little bit of creativity there is no reason why you or I should not achieve the goals we set ourselves and become wiser creatures because of it.





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