Why I don’t wear Makeup

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been directed here by me for a better explanation as to why I don’t wear make up or you’re just generally interested. Anywho, I’ll make it short! What’s my background? Growing up, my sisters and I  were not allowed to wear makeup- we were too young and religiously/culturally they wanted us to remain “pure” (it’s against our religion to wear makeup and jewellery) and … Continue reading Why I don’t wear Makeup

How are you FEELING?

This question is weird; most commonly asked if you were sick  or experienced something traumatic, it is notably different from “How are you”. The latter is a formality whereas the former is enquiring on your emotional well-being as well as physical. Theoretically, we should equate the two but then again, most of the times we do not ask to get a deep and personal answer. … Continue reading How are you FEELING?


Authentic: from Old French autentique (13c., Modern French authentique) “authentic; canonical,” and directly from Medieval Latin authenticus, from Greek authentikos “original, genuine, principal,” from authentes “one acting on one’s own authority,” from autos “self” (see auto-) + hentes “doer, being,” from PIE *sene- “to accomplish, achieve.” Sense of “entitled to acceptance as factual” is first recorded mid-14c The first step to bettering ourselves is knowing … Continue reading Authenticity

Why I (a generation Y) quit Facebook.

So this is a bit of a rant. DISCLAIMER: I’m not a credible source of anything. I’m not a Scientist, Psychologist I’m just a student who likes to read and write and so whilst I am not a credible source of information/someone you can quote, my thoughts and views are relevant because I am a human being. They may make you think; which is why I share … Continue reading Why I (a generation Y) quit Facebook.