My First Post

This is my first post on my public blog. I wondered if I should just get straight to the articles and rants (I have a few brewing) but then I decided that it may help if you knew a little bit about me and what led me to start it.

I’m 17. What I lack in physical years, I’ve gained in the thousands of books I’ve read. I’ve literally lived a thousand lives through them and so am not really your typical 17 year old.

I’m the oldest. I grew up in Michigan, lived in South Africa for a bit and live in Manchester. These places and travelling have become symbolic in my life.

I’ve had a few suicide attempts and many run ins with possible insanity. More posts on that as I gain views etc.

I have big dreams that I don’t know if I’ll be able to live.

Other ways to describe me include:

Scientist-dreamer-philosopher-cheerleader-thinker-introvert-leader-lover-fighter-basketballer-observer-doer-crazy-writer-dancer-artist-singer-teacher etc.

(Who isn’t a mix of more than one thing?)

But through this blog what I really aim to be, is authentic. There’s so much wrong with society and our personal lives and I believe that much of it stems from our lack of honesty and acceptance. I’m starting with myself and revealing, to whoever wants to know, who I am and what I really think. That’s something Facebook can’t really do.